Motor Vehicle
Accident Reports

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident (in the Town of Berwyn Heights),
and a police report was written, it is a good idea to get a copy of the accident report,
not only for insurance reasons, but to keep for your own records as well.

A copy of the report is generally available 24-48 hours after the accident occurred,
and can be picked up at the Berwyn Heights Police Department Headquarters -
5411 Berwyn Road - Berwyn Heights, Maryland 20722
During the Hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Click Here for directions to the Police Department Headquarters.

The Fee for an ACCIDENT REPORT COPY is $10.00,
(Cash or Money Order Only - Personal Checks Not Accepted)

Click Here to see a sample of the Maryland State Accident Report

Already Have an Accident Report?  Confused about all the "Coded Blocks?"
Click Here for a list of Accident Report Codes

* For accidents which occurred outside of Berwyn Heights, MD., you will have
 to contact the police agency which handled the accident to obtain a copy of the written report. 
In most cases the investiaging officer will have handed you a card with his name,
agency and telephone number on it.  Call the number on the card to get report information.
Please note that the cost for written reports may vary from department to department.


It is the policy of the Berwyn Heights Police Department (and most other police departments across the state)
not to investigate minor motor vehicle traffic accidents.
Minor accidents are described as those, in which none of the vehicles involved has become functionally disabled,
and where none of the vehicle's occupants have been transported to a hospital or other medical facility
for injuries sustained in the accident.

In these types of cases, the law requires the driver of each vehicle to exchange Driver's License, Vehicle
Registration and Insurance Information with the other drivers. Berwyn Heights Police Officers carry forms with 
them which are given to each driver, to assist them in obtaining the necessary information from the other parties involved.
The forms are then kept with the individual drivers to aid them when notifying their respective insurance companies.

Click Here for a Blank Copy of the Personal Vehicle Accident Report Form

The role of the Police Officer in these types of accidents, is to ensure that all parties comply with the
information exchange requirements, and the restore the safe flow of traffic to the affected area.

As such, the Officer is to refrain from making judgments or comments as to the "fault"
or "cause" of the accident.

If you have any further questions about Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents or need more
information about obtaining an Accident Report
Call (301) 474-6554